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Month of /Day of Coordinator

For the Party Planner at heart!  We’ll just wrap up the details.

 “Month of/Day of” Coordinator Starts at $900 


If you are the type of couple that enjoys planning and dotting every "I" and crossing every "T" yourselves, then this is the ideal package for you.  We will help take the stress out of your wedding week and day by making sure that your plan is perfectly executed.   Here is how the timeline of this package typically breaks down:  

Time of Booking:

  • Meet with the couple to gather basic but very important information either in person or over the phone. 

  • Assist with the plan & design of your wedding, by discussing your theme, colors, and style, if needed.   


1 month before your wedding day

  • Visit Ceremony and Reception site(s) prior to your wedding. (Depending on location of sites)

  • We will meet with you for a 2 ½ hour consultation.  During this time, we will:


Gather your vendor contracts + check for “Red Flags” & establish Jacqueline Johnson as their point of contact & confirm all arrangements, as well as delivery & set up time before your wedding.   | Confirm Rehearsal location, date & time | Build timeline according to your vendor selection | Review your over-all design vision + Reception Layout

 7 days before your wedding day

  • We will schedule a 1 hour in person or phone consult.  During this time, we will:


Finalize and Email timelines for your entire event to include behind-the-scenes activities | Confirm music order + arrangements for event  | Finalize all floor plans + Furniture arrangements  | Gather and transport decorations, flowers, and gifts if needed   | Ensure the venue is cleared at the close of your event.


Please Refer to Day of Duties.  



Contact us to design a custom package that fits your needs perfectly.

Package Price: Starts at $900 within Service Area.

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